Important Announcements

The Executive Committee are very pleased to announce the addition of a new full member club of Felis Britannica, based in Scotland.

 Many of you will be aware that the Scottish members have been working hard to establish a FIFe presence north of the border and have run a couple of shows under the guidance and support of the Garden of England Cat Club. They are now ready to go it alone and duly submitted an application to form the Scottish Cat Association to the Felis Britannica Executive Committee. This application met the requirements set down within the statutes and the Executive Committee have granted them probationary full membership. Their full membership will be on the Agenda for ratification by the members at the next AGA.

 During the probationary period the Scottish Cat Association shall have the full rights of any member club with the exception that they may not vote during an AGA until their membership has been approved. They will therefore be able to process registrations, validations and run cat shows.

 We are sure that you would all like to join The Executive Committee in welcoming the Scottish Cat Association to Felis Britannica and wish them every success in the future