All the latest News of 2013


4th Sept 2013

ACC Bourne Show

Due to unforeseen issue the ACC have had to cancel the October 2013 Show


 New Acting Treasurer

The Executive Committee has on the last meeting co-opted Rachel Nundy as Acting Treasurer. Mrs Nundy works with accounting in her professional life and will be a valuable addition to the committee.  She will start as soon as possible and Mr. Mandix will step down as soon as Mrs. Nundy is ready.


 01/02/2013 The National Winner Title (NW)

There has been some confusion over the new FIFe title of National Winner following the Winners Show. To clarify, this is a new title that came in to place in January 2012. Each FIFe member (FB in our case) may award a
maximum of 15 Nation Winner (NW) titles in a calendar year. It was agreed at the 2012 AGA that given the number of exhibits at our shows in the UK, Felis Britannica would potentially award a maximum of 8 each year, 4 at the Winners show to each of the category winners and 4 at the Annual Points Awards Dinner to the top adult, neuter, junior and kitten. Cats can only obtain one NW title per year. It was also agreed that to be eligible for the title the cat would have to have beaten a minimum of ten cats in each category.

At the Winners Show, we asked Annette Sjodin, FIFe President, who was judging for us, to clarify whether we could award the NW title to one of our European exhibitors if their cat went Best in Category or Best in show. She confirmed that no, the title could only be awarded to a cat in the country it is registered in and any cats that went Best in Category that weren’t registered to a UK resident (and full FB member) would still be Best in Category at the Winners Show and eligible for Overall Best in Show, however they could not be awarded the title NW, that would have to go to the next highest achieving cat in that category. The NW title is a totally separate award from the Winners Show awards

Similarly, unless the winning cats in category I and IV at this year’s show went Overall Best in Show, they would not be eligible for the title as there were not sufficient entries in Category I or IV at this show for them to have beaten 10 cats.

For Category III at the show, the Best in Category,  Best Adult and the Best Kitten both belong to one of our European exhibitors. These cats therefore became Best in Category, Best Adult and Best Kitten, but the National Winner Title was awarded to the Best Neuter, the highest achieving cat on the day in Category III belonging to a UK exhibitor.

The Cat which was awarded Best in Category III was sent forward to challenge for Best of the Best, the same as any other show (as the Best Adult & Best in Category was the cat that was in the Best in Show panel). The NW also has no impact on the Points Awards as we do not allocate any additional points for a cat achieving the title of National Winner.

We would like to emphasise that our European Exhibitors, providing they are associate members of a FB club, are eligible to compete for ALL best in show panels and all points awards (to be awarded at the Awards night on 23rd February).

As most exhibitors are aware, at the time of the last AGA we didn’t have any exhibitors from outside the UK, so all our rules were written with UK only exhibitors in mind. However we are now in the wonderful position of regularly having exhibitors from other FIFe member countries come to our shows.
This means that the rules as they were written need some modification around the Winners Show and the National Winner title. The Show Commission will be looking to submit a proposal to the AGA this year to this effect.

For further information on the National Winner title please see 4.17 in the FIFe Show Rules available on the FIFe intranet. 

31/01/2013  The Annual Points Awards Dinner

is fast approaching on the 23rd February. If you’ve not yet sent in your booking form, there is still time to do so. The form is available on the Show Dates page.

As those of you who have
attended before will know, we give everyone who attends the dinner a ‘party
bag’. FB provides the ‘prizes’ in the party bag, but if you would like to donate something, please get in touch with me

(Josie on the email).

You’re very welcome to include your cat(s) or cattery name on the prize!
We are expecting around 35 people to attend the dinner, so would need that many gifts.


Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had a judge change for the Winners Show on 27th January 2013.

                Our judges will now be:

Annette Sjodin

Martti Peltonen

Stephe Bruin

Henry Hornell

We look forward to seeing many of you in Rugby on Sunday

                                   Best wishes

                                   FB Show Commission

7th January

The Winners Show

This is the list of qualified cats that the Show Commission has used  for the Winners show invitations on the 27th January.

If your cat is not on this list and you think it has qualified, please contact the Show Commission ( as a matter of urgency as this is the list that the entry clerk will be using to check entered cats against.

Please note that this does not include kittens or cats that have qualified by having a title of GIC/GIP or higher.

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All the latest News of 2012


 20th December

The Points Award Dinner

The flyer and booking form are now available for the Awards Dinner on Saturday 23rd February 2013. Everyone is welcome, but invitations will also be sent out in the new year to all those cats in the top three of their award category.

 19th December

The Winners Show

Dear all

The next batch of invitations for the Winners show have gone in the post this morning. There are still more to follow, but I don’t have everyone’s postal address on the Show Commission database, so I’m trawling through entry forms. I am aiming to get them all in the second class post before Xmas day.

If you know your cat is eligible (see below) and you are a member or associate member of an FB club you do not have to wait for your invitation to entry.

Have a merry Christmas

Josie & the Show Commission



Adults – Best in Variety, or Nomination for Best in Show, or who achieved the title IC/IP in this show year (‘11/’12) or who hold the title GIC/GIP or higher.

Juniors – Best in Variety, or Nomination for Best in Show, or 3 x EX1

Kittens 3-6 month – Any cat that achieved at least one EX1 in the show year whilst in class 11 or 12, regardless of the class they are shown in at the Winners Show. Any kitten 3-6 months shown in class 12 at theWinners Show is not required to qualify.

HHP / NV / UB Adults– Best in Variety, or Nomination for Best in Show. Juniors and kittens as above. 

 3rd December

Thank you to everyone who has entered the Swanley show next weekend.

Wendy, Eddie, Steph and I have spent the weekend sorting out and printing the show paperwork, so the show is now CLOSED! See you on Saturday.


 27th November

 *** Judges Pick-up and drop-off***

We still need some volunteers to do a judge pick-up at Stanstead on Friday 7th December, and on Sunday 9th December a judge return to Stanstead and a judge return to Gatwick for the Swanley show.

Please can you contact Josie or Wendy if you can help!

We will pay expenses.

15th November 2012

The invitations to the Winners Show on 27th January 2013 in Rugby will be going out at the Swanley show. Qualifications are as follows:

Adults – Best in Variety, or Nomination for Best in Show, or who achieved the title IC/IP in this show year (‘11/’12) or who hold the title GIC/GIP or higher.

Juniors – Best in Variety, or Nomination for Best in Show, or 3 x EX1

Kittens 3-6 month – Any cat that achieved at least one EX1 in the show year whilst in class 11 or 12, regardless of the class they are shown in at the Winners Show. Any kitten 3-6 months shown in class 12 at the Winners Show is not required to qualify.

HHP / NV / UB Adults– Best in Variety, or Nomination for Best in Show. Juniors and kittens as above.

Additionally, the owner must be a member of an FB club or a member of a FIFe club and an associate member of an FB club. Invitations will not be sent to those cats who hold the title of GIC/GIP or higher, or to kittens in class 12, but they are still eligible to enter.

11th October 2012  Dear all

Thank you to everyone who has submitted entries, we can still go ahead with a two day show. We are, however, still taking entries up until lunchtime Friday (tomorrow).

Looking forward to seeing lots
of you at Bourne in your Halloween finery.

Dear All

The Bourne show is nearly upon us (20-21 Oct) and the deadline for submissions is Friday 15th at noon.  At present the numbers are falling way short in order to make this a viable two day show. Sunday is in a better position and with a few more cats it should be able to go ahead however Saturday needs some 25+ cats in order to meet the 100 cat threshold.

If you are thinking of entering please, please, please let us know how many cats and the names by close of play today so the show team can make a decision on whether Saturday’s show will go ahead.  The forms can follow over the next couple of days but we must be in a position where we can establish what the cat count will be in order to give us time to amend flights etc if needed. The past few shows have been very well attended and the next show is not until December so please send in those entries today and let’s try to keep it a 2 day show

Remember….The show weekend is packed with activities….The 100th Cat on each day will receive a free entry.   We also have special Halloween competitions over the weekend.  There is a Black Cat ‘n’ all that side class sponsored by Tiggersrus for any cat with an ‘n’ it their EMS code. There is a competition for the Best Halloween Decorated Pen sponsored by Lisieux Maine Coons.  Pens will be judged over both days and the best overall will be announced on Sunday.  Finally there is also a competition for the best Halloween costume on Sunday so Witches, Wizards, Warlocks, Vampires, Ghosts, Ghouls and Skeletons are all welcome along with anything else on a Halloween theme.

Please support the ACC and do all you can to help.  We do not want this to be the first show to be cancelled in 2012.

Thank you

Aristocats Show Team

20th-21st October  Halloween at Bourne

The Bourne show is nearly upon us (20-21st October). So we’ve got a special offer, some reminders and some requests for help:

***100th cat each day is free***

The 100th cat entered for the Saturday and the 100th cat entered for the Sunday is free!

*** special Halloween competitions***

We have three Halloween themed events – on both days we will be holding a ‘Black cat ‘n’ all that’ side class (sponsored by Tiggarsus) for any cat with a ‘n’ in their EMS code.

There is a competition for the Best Halloween-Decorated Pen (sponsored by Lisieux Maine Coons) – pens will be judged both days and the best overall will be announced on the Sunday. And, finally, the Best Halloween Costume will be on the Sunday – witches, wizards, warlocks, vampires, ghosts, ghouls and skeletons are all welcome, along with anything else on a Halloween theme.

***Requests for Help***

As ever, we need some help collecting our judges from airports.

Stephe Bruin is arriving at Birmingham at 10.30am, Kristiina Rautio is arriving at Birmingham at 5.55pm and Ulrika Olsson is arriving at Heathrow at 5pm (all on Friday 19th). Then on Sunday Stephe and Kristiina need taking back to Birmingham and Ulrika back to Heathrow. As ever, the club will reimburse petrol and parking fees. Please let me know if you can help.

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31st August Main Coon special at the VCC Show in Alcester

The VCC would like to announce that they WILL be holding the Maine Coon Special at their Show in Alcester on September 15th as the required number of entries has now been reached (and before the closing date!).

The committee of the VCC and the entire show team would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the exhibitors who have already entered the show to make this possible. This is the first time a breed Best In Show has been held in the UK and has only been made possible by everyone pulling around to enter their cats.

Entries for the show close this weekend so you still have time to enter if not already done so and be part of this first time event!

Thank you all and see you all at the show

13th June EU e-privacy Directive

On our website ( you will find a new system message looking like the attached document. The reason is a new EU directive (read more about it here: about the use of cookies (read about cookies here: You will similar messages appearing on all EU websites in the near future.
The directive protects the website visitor against being tracked. At we only use cookies to enhance your navigation and experience on the website. Please click “I agree” if you want to continue and find this use acceptable. Once accepted you will never see this message again on your computer.

Frank Mandix

2nd April Felis Britannica in Cat World

In the latest number of Cat World there is an article on showing. This is followed by a nice article about showing with Felis Britannica written by our own PR Officer, John Tipper.

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16th February Felis Britannica Show Guide

As many of you will have seen at recent shows, we now have a ‘Felis Britannica Show Guide’. This is given out to all newbies and is available on sale to visitors. The guide is paid for by adverts which means that any sold on the day go towards club funds and help support the ongoing shows.

We’ve now used all of our initial print run and would like to thank all members who advertised in the guide. We will be doing a new print run of 100 copies to be used from the Aristocats Swindon show onwards and would like to invite all members to advertise in the book. If you are interested, please contact Josie (
The booklet is A5 and the insides are in black and white. It costs £10 for a full page advert. The current version is here for your information.

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19th January The AGA and Annual Points Awards Dinner are now booked for 25-26th February.

The AGA is on Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th February at Moulton College, Northampton. Further information will be going out to the Clubs from the General Secretary in due course.

The Awards Dinner is on Saturday 25th February at Moulton College at 7.30pm. Everyone who is a member of FB is invited to attend, booking forms will be available shortly. In addition, all those who have a cat in the top three rankings of each award category will receive a personal email invitation.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

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19th January The Executive Committee would like to welcome Nick Chapman who has been co-opted as our new Rules Co-ordinator.
7th January We’ve a problem with the diary page on the site ( – the forms for upcoming shows are being uploaded to the new site, please download them from there. We’re trying to fix the problems with this site, so please bear with us! Thanks from the EC.