How to Enter

Being a Felis Britannica Exhibitor

Entering a FB Show

The first thing to do, once you’ve decided which show you want to enter, is to look at the show flyer and complete the entry form. One form is required for each cat for each day, so if it’s a two-day show your cat will require two forms. The entry form is effectively your ‘contract’ with FB.

The Entry Form

The form can be confusing if it’s your first show! Hopefully these section by section instructions will help.

Cat title: this is the cats FIFe title, leave blank if they haven’t yet been shown with FIFe or haven’t yet earned a title.

Name: the cats full name as it appears on their pedigree.

EMS code: FIFe categorises cats using an ‘Easy Mind System’ of codes. There will be a three letter code for the cat breed, then letters and numbers for colours and patterns. The full listing can be found on the FIFe site:

Breed and colour: write the cat breed and colour

Registration: the cats FIFe registration number. If they don’t have one yet, leave it blank.

Birthdate: the cats DOB

Sex: mark whether the cat is male / female / neuter male / spayed female

Breeder: the name of the person who bred the cat

Sire: the pedigree name of the cats father

EMS code: the sire’s breed and colour code

Breed & colour: of the sire

Registration: the FB registration number of the sire. If he doesn’t have an FB registration, then put the GCCF or TICA registration.

Dam: the same information for the cat’s mother.

Exhibitor: these are your details. Please complete as much as possible as it will facilitate the Entry Clerk or Show Manager contacting you if there is a problem.

Member of club: put the initials of the FB /FIFe club you are a member of (FB Clubs: ACC – Aristocats, GoE – Garden of England, VCC – Viking). If you are not yet a member of a FIFe / FB club leave this blank. Remember FB has an ‘open doors’ policy so you can show your cat without joining a club, but to claim your cat’s title, to register kittens or to be eligible for an FB Annual Award you need to join a club.

Mark which class your cat is to be entered in. For details of the classes see the FB Guide to FIFe Show Classes.

Class 16 is for Club Classes or side classes. Details of these will be found on the show flyer.